Hi, I'm Josh.

Three things about me:
1. They call me the human jukebox.
2. I write the best damn guitar newsletter on the whole friggin' internet.
3. I'm the music director for national touring act Under The Streetlamp.

Solo Shows

No setlist. 
No breaks.
You choose the music.

Y'know: Like dueling pianos.
Except: No pianos. Just guitar.
Also: No dueling. Just one guy.
But otherwise: Just like that.

Wait, are you at my show right now?
Geez, head over to the song menu page and make a request already!

Riffs Recs Charts & Smarts

Every Wednesday, I send an email to 5k+ curious, growth-minded people like you.

Riffs: A tiny little rant. Like an essay, but shorter.
Recs: One recommendation. Click the link if you want to, but I'll summarize it in the email itself.
Charts: Interactive sheet music & TAB for real songs. Hear the music sync'd to the notation. Loop it and/or slow it down til you get it. Here's an example.
Smarts: Granular little guitar & theory lessons drawn from that week's example.

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